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Net Metering

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska's net metering regulations became effective in 2010. In essence, net metering allows a customer to install and use certain types of renewable generation to offset their monthly usage and sell excess power to their serving utility. The net metering requirements adopted by the Commission apply to electric utilities that are economically regulated and sell more than five million kilowatt-hours a year. Ten Alaska utilities meet this criteria: Alaska Power Company, Bethel Utilities Corporation, Inside Passage Electric Cooperative, TDX North Slope Generating, Alaska Electric Light & Power, Homer Electric Association, Matanuska Electric Association, Municipal Light & Power, Golden Valley Electric Association and Chugach.


Chugach's operating tariff contains net metering service conditions, interconnection requirements, and buyback rates. For additional information, please see:

Net Metering Service (Service Conditions) >
Buyback Rates >
Interconnection Guidelines For Non-Utility Generation (August 2008, rev. 6/8/2010) >
Order Readopting Regulations (April 26, 2010) >
Planning & Zoning PZC Case No. 2010-038 >
Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska >

Municipality of Anchorage Ordinance No. AO 2010-50 >


For further information contact:

Chugach Electric Association, Inc.
Brad Jackson, Planning Engineer
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