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Chugach considers Simplified Rate Filings

Chugach Electric is considering using a method called Simplified Rate Filing (SRF) to adjust energy and demand rates in the near future. The purpose of SRF is to establish expedited filing and rate adjustment procedures for nonprofit electric cooperatives regulated by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA). The primary reason for the change is to enable Chugach to make moderate base rate changes routinely—and with less cost—than the current process allows.

Under SRF, the Chugach Board of Directors has the major responsibility for evaluating rate adjustments. Rate changes, however, still need to be approved by the RCA. SRF allows for a streamlined, more efficient regulatory process, and is available to electric cooperatives. If the Chugach board approves the SRF method, Chugach would make filings every three months. The filings can adjust rates up or down, or leave them unchanged.

While there are no limits on rate decreases, increases under SRF are limited to no more than 8 percent in a 12-month period or 20 percent in a 36-month period. The board will address this action at its June 29, 2016 meeting. Giving notice to Chugach members that the board is considering adopting SRF is part of the notification process. While SRF provides a means to make more timely changes to demand and energy, it would not change the way Chugach adjusts its fuel and purchased power charges. These rates will continue to be adjusted on a quarterly basis as part of Chugach’s Fuel and Purchased Power Cost Rate Adjustment filings. For more information, go to