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Artist rendering of solar project and project location

Responding to member interest and Chugach Electric Association’s sustainability business philosophy, Chugach is proceeding with a Chugach Community Solar Project. The installation is designed to include approximately 1,800 solar panels and generate about 600 megawatt hours per year.

The solar project will be offered to residential and commercial members as a premium renewable energy product that will cost a little more than current energy costs but will increase the member’s use of renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint. Members may subscribe to blocks of the project in exchange for receiving a proportional share of the project’s energy output subtracted from their monthly electric bill. One block will replace about 18 percent of the average home’s annual energy use (assuming 600 kWh per month average use).  Members may either subscribe monthly, or pre-pay their subscription for the project’s 25-year life. 

Shares may be available for subscription as early as May 2018, contingent upon pre-development work and approval from the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.  To be notified when subscriptions are opened, you may sign up to be notified by email below.  We expect that subscriptions could potentially fill quickly when opened based on a survey of members and the number of people signed up to receive notification. 


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