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New Construction and Engineering

Members working to construct a new service or make changes to an existing service such as an upgrade, relocation, or conversion to underground can initiate the process by utilizing the Engineering Request form. You will be asked to provide the property's street address, the legal address (lot, block and subdivision) and describe the work to be performed. Chugach recommends you consult with an electrical contractor and/or electrical engineer when planning your new service installation.

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Submit all Engineering Service Requests via the following link:  Engineering Request 

Additional information is provided below:

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New Service

In most instances, calling Member Services new service desk at (907) 762-4729 can assist you in getting power, but sometimes the necessary equipment may not be present. When you need power to a property that can't be supplied by existing facilities, our engineering staff can provide a design and cost estimate for delivering power. Utilize the Engineering Request form to make a new service request and a member of our engineering team will contact you.

Service Upgrade or Relocation

Do you need more power at your location? Are you planning an addition that will impact the current meter location? If so, please fill out the Engineering Request form and our engineering team will follow up with you. Some important information for you to have available as part of your request is the rating of your current service equipment and the rating of the new equipment that you need to get additional power. A licensed electrician would be able to help get the answers to these questions. Chugach's Information Requirement Checklist will help you start the conversation with them. Our staff will use that information to provide a cost estimate for installation or relocation of appropriate facilities to accommodate your additional power needs.

Overhead to Underground Conversions

If you have an overhead line attached to your home to deliver power and would like to remove it for a new underground service, please make a request using the Engineering Request form. A member of the engineering team will follow up with you to create a cost estimate and design for getting the underground service installed and the overhead line removed. If you have questions regarding the removal of overhead lines in general, please refer to Chugach's Underground Program. Remember to contact your telecommunication company to request they bury their lines with your new underground service.

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