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For immediate release
December 19, 2019 at 8:30am
For more information, contact
Sarah Wiggers, (907) 762-4177

Transmission line damaged by Swan Lake fire back in service

Repairs to the transmission line damaged by the Swan Lake Fire have been completed by Homer Electric Association and the line was re-energized on Dec. 19. Following the wildfires that began in June, the line has been out of service since Aug. 18. The damage to the line was less extensive than first thought, with damage to three structures.

While the line was out of service, Chugach was unable to access hydropower from Bradley Lake and had to use more expensive natural gas to produce power. Chugach’s cost to provide power increased approximately $2.7M while the line was not in service. The additional costs are being recovered through Chugach’s fuel and purchased power rates. Chugach members using an average of 600 kwh per month saw an increase of just under $3.00 on their monthly bill. It is expected that the entire cost will be fully recovered in electric rates by the end of the first quarter 2020.

Chugach appreciates our members patience and understanding as we continue to provide the most reliable and cost-efficient power.