The Chugach System

At the end of 2015, Chugach served 83,383 metered-locations in an area extending from Anchorage to the northern Kenai Peninsula, and from Whittier on Prince William Sound to Tyonek on the west side of Cook Inlet. Chugach had 531.2 megawatts of generation capacity at Chugach-owned facilities, which included Chugach’s shares of the jointly owned Southcentral Power Project and Eklutna Power Plant. Chugach also takes power from the state-owned Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project near Homer and from the Fire Island wind project. Chugach operated 2,113 miles of energized line at year-end, consisting of 407 miles of transmission line including Chugach’s share of the Eklutna transmission line, 897 miles of overhead distribution line, and 809 miles of underground distribution line.