Quartz Creek Transmission Line Rebuild: Silvertip to Hope Substation

Chugach will be rebuilding another section of the 115-kilovolt transmission line that links Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula. The line was originally constructed in 1962 to carry power from the Cooper Lake Hydro Electric Project to Anchorage. Today this line carries power produced at the Cooper Lake, Bradley Lake and Nikiski power plants.

The project will rebuild approximately four miles of transmission line between mile post 61 and 55 along the Seward Highway, using 230-kilovolt standards to maintain reliability and accommodate anticipated load growth in the future.

The scope of work for the project includes:

  • Restoration of lost or overgrown accesses
  • Removal of existing structures and conductors
  • Installation of new structures and conductors

Line construction is planned to begin in January and be concluded by May 2017. Clearing for the construction began in December 2016.

For more information or questions regarding this project, contact Shawn Wendling, Senior Project Engineer, Transmission Services (907) 441-4510.

Project Fact Sheet