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Meter Replacement Project

As part of ongoing system improvements, Chugach will be installing new meters over the next five years, starting in the summer of 2015. Chugach's current meters were installed nearly 20 years ago and are nearing the time for replacement. The project will invest in new technology that will help Chugach operate more efficiently and improve outage restoration.

The upgraded system will provide more accurate information about outages. Chugach intends to incorporate data from the meters into a new Outage Management System. Dispatchers in Chugach's power control center will be able to see which meters are energized and which are not, allowing them to better analyze outages and coordinate restoration. The new meters will also enable Chugach to perform several functions remotely, such as reading meters and performing connects and disconnects. Chugach plans to deploy the new meters to all of its more than 80,000 retail service locations.

The impact of the installation should be minimal to members. Members will be notified in advance via postcard and phone, of when their meter will be changed out. During the installation, members can expect a brief power interruption. Following the swap, the next bill a member receives will show two readings, one from the old meter and one from the new meter.