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Looking east off Minnesota Drive near International Airport Road

Responding to member interest and Chugach Electric Association’s sustainability business philosophy, Chugach is proceeding with a Chugach Community Solar Project. The installation is designed to include approximately 2,000 solar panels and generate 550 megawatt hours per year.

The solar project will be offered to retail members as a premium renewable energy product paid for by the member, who voluntarily purchase shares of the project. There will be an opportunity to pay upfront or subscribe monthly (with a minimum of one year)n and solar–share members will then receive the energy output of their share(s), and the energy output of their share will be credited on each monthly electric bill for the 25-year project life.

Chugach has completed initial evaluation of a 500 kilowatt project and has estimated the total cost at $2 million or less. Continued development is contingent upon receiving favorable financing, pre-subscribing 80 percent of the available shares, and receiving necessary approvals from the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. 

Chugach's plan is to begin selling shares on March 1, 2018. To receive updates regarding the project, send your name and email to: